Friday, October 14, 2011

Tabitha Taxi #4 - 22.11.1969

 David was always looking for the most perfect London Taxi, he went up to London, on his own, to check out this beaut sounding one.

 ... by train.
 In the meantime, back in Merrow, Pennie was planning a Surprise Birthday Party for him... we waited...

 ... and we waited... Peter with his new girlfriend Jane with me and Paul and Marcelle.

 ... and we waited... (That's Peter Loveday and his girlfriend Celia on the right)  eventually David returned home with Tabitha #4 who'd had a fuel blockage on the drive back from London.

Here she is first thing the next morning from our bedroom window, the back lane parking must have been taken up with some of the other Tabitha's!

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