Friday, October 21, 2011

Guildford - High Street - February 1970

 Pennie being very careful walking down the path from Farnham Road to our friends the Waughs home.  Below from Google the same home from the back street, Henley Bank.  Far too many trees on Farnham Road to get the same shot as ours above.

 The town of Guildford from Guildford Castle up on Castle Keep.

 Tabitha Taxi outside Marks & Spencer, where I worked, looking down the High Street.

This was our first reel of colour film, unfortunately the photos stuck to each other hence the mess on the right and in photos below.
Above, the same shot as ours from Google, just a little lower down the High Street.

The Cobbled High Street looking up to the old Clock.

 Marks and Spencer on the left today from Google, no more cars in the High Street.

 The old Clock on the High Street.

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