Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guildford - St Martha's-on-the-Hill - October 1969

 Peter Waugh and Pennie mucking about while Peter's latest girlfriend Sonia looks on.

I wasted a lot of time searching for this same spot on Google but gave up.  Last night David came out with his old Street Atlas of Surrey and ...  I found it!

David gave me the A to Z on the 10th June 1968, on our honeymoon in London :-)
The Surrey Street Atlas we bought when we returned in 1977 and David set up a Washing Machine Repair business, he needed to know 'all' the streets around Surrey.

St Martha's on-the-Hill is on the Pilgrims Way, a beautiful walk on a beautiful day

Above is a photo I found on Google Maps and was taken in February 2011, beautiful isn't it.

Tabitha enjoying a good a lick and a polish!

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