Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Party Time! Yet again!

 Sue, Libby, Jenny, John, ??? Paul, Peter W, Morag, Peter L.
Peter S, Jeanette and Trish.  (Gosh three Peters!)
 Pennie, Sue, Libby, Trish and Paul.
 Morag, Peter S, John, ???
 Jeanette, Libby, David, Sue, Paul and Trish.
 Peter L, Peter S, Jeanette, John and ???  The Party is really hotting up  :-)

 Trish, Peter W and Morag, Peters latest Girlfriend... yes Peter did have lots and lots of different girlfriends, we liked them all but they didn't last long.

 Morag, Pennie, Peter L, Peter S and John.

 David and Pennie with Sue.
 5 Hall Dene Close. Merrow and below the bus I took to work.

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