Thursday, October 27, 2011

France - Paris - Notre Dame - March 1970

 Paris Metro - Porte de' Italie which was near the Youth Hostel we stayed in for four nights, on Boulevarde Kellerman.

 Notre Dame from the Pont Saint-Michel.

 Notre Dame.
 Much busier today from Google.

 There are a lot of people dressed in Pink in this photo from Google, must be a choir.

This is a Citroen, Ile de la Cite, so writes David.

Oh my gosh... there is still scaffolding in this same spot 41 years after we were there... different scaffolding so guess the original problem was solved.

I tried to find some modern Loos in Paris on Google but I think they must have been taken down.  It was very frustrating being a woman in Paris and other cities for that matter,  David could just pop in to one of these (actually I think those are his legs in there) when he wanted to go but we had to search and search for a Loo for me.  Just recently I was watching a show on TV about the beginning of Department Stores and one of their winning factors was that they put in a Ladies Room which meant Ladies didn't have to go home early to use the Loo!  Fascinating  :-)

Back on the Metro to the Youth Hostel after a busy and exciting day.

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