Tuesday, October 18, 2011

London - Chapel and Portobello Markets - December 1969

Markets were a big surprise, where we lived in Australia we'd never seen this sort of thing but we loved these Market Days, especially the Markets in London.  There I am in the middle of this photo all rugged up in my duffle coat, we'd never seen ladies such as this one out and about with rollers in her hair.  And they say... 'We're a Weird Mob!'  LOL

I guess Google couldn't get down these streets on Market Days.  We'll just have to go back to London and check them out again.

I did manage to find some stalls on Google, in Portobello Road

 Busy busy busy and so crowded.

 Wow... Alices is still there and looking grander than ever.

Chestnuts... what a wonderful sight to smell and find these Chestnut sellers usually on street corners, we bought some but I can't say I've ever taken a liking to Chestnuts, I like the idea but not the taste.

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