Monday, January 16, 2012

Amsterdam - The Netherlands - 28.4.1970

The Heineken Brewery... Much to our delight we discovered that Heineken had free tours and tastings with snacks, so we were off to the factory like a shot :-)  it was the food for me and the beer for David that attracted us.  I drove into where we thought we were supposed to go to park the Taxi but we ended up in some sort of packing shed.  Angry packers approached us with wild gesticulations shouting in a loud Dutch!

I had no idea what they were saying but was trying to comply with their gestures when all of sudden one of them spotted the Kangaroo on the side and the AUS on the back then broke into perfect English and asked if we were Australian!  Yes I replied and they all of a sudden turned into the nicest most helpful of men.   One of them asked me if I knew his brother who had immigrated to Australia  :-)  (we got this sort of question often...) but when he said his brother lived in Mona Vale I was able to tell him that I came from the next suburb Newport, he'd heard of Newport Beach so we became the best of friends  LOL  They couldn't have been nicer after that and ushered us to the best parking spot and directed us to the entrance with smiles and laughs and plenty of English.

This wasn't the first time we'd received negative messages while in our London Taxi but it was the funniest, they were few and far between on the whole though.

Vondel Park in 1970 and today from Google today.

I can't believe I'm picking daffodils in this Park... I wouldn't dare to anywhere else I'm sure, so I must have seen others doing it , I wouldn't have been that brazen... would I??  Nah!  it must have been okay, I knew there were fines in Australia for picking the wild flowers in the bush so I wouldn't have risked a fine I don't think.

David trying out the Gents al fresco...  Gents were so lucky, I remember spending a lot of time finding a Loo for me in some of these big parks.

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