Sunday, January 15, 2012

Postcards - Tulips Amsterdam.

To The Rodd's - Crescent Road, Newport. NSW 2106.   Camp Site, Amsterdam, Holland.   26-4-70

Dear All,

     Germany was a lovely country but everyone we came across was so rude.  We stayed two nights with Doug and Frankie Campbell (Americans we met in Venice who are School Teachers for the U.S. Army kids in Beyreuth, we were really very well treated, Frankie is a beaut cook and the highlight of our stay was the making of ice-cream in an ice cream machine, the flavour was Peppermint, Marshmallow, and Chocolate all in one - the other ingredients 6 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of thick cream, milk, flour, 1 cup of Creme De Menthe, mashmallows and chocolate, Can you imagine the taste - it was loverley.  D & F. were a very nice couple and we hope we'll meet up again someday.

     Holland is lovely, all the daffodils are out and some tulips.  Today we walked in the main part for a while, right in the centre of town there were the usual odd people one sees in all big cities but right in the middle surrounded by water were about 30 sheep....?

     Only one week left of our trip and quiet frankly we'll be glad to get back to civilization, our taste of good living with D&F has made us hunger for more.  We plan to stay in Holland for a few days, it's so beautiful... Did you know it is a whole series of canals just like Venice but cars go along the streets here whereas in Venice you can only walk or catch a boat.

     We've had 8 showers in 7 weeks, lucky really!

     Love P & D.

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