Monday, January 2, 2012

Budapest - Hungary - 12-14.4.1970

 Looking towards Buda to The Castle across the River Danube.

From Wiki:  (I have just donated $100 to Wiki seeing I use them for almost every post.)
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge designed by the Englishman William Tierney Clark in 1839 after Count Istvan Szechenyi's initiative in the same year, with construction supervisor Scottish engineer Adam Clark (no relation).  It is a larger scale version of William Tierney Clark's earlier Marlow Bridge across the River Thames in Marlow, England.  It was funded to a considerable extent by the Greek merchant Georgios Sinas who had considerable financial and land interests in the city and whose name is inscribed on the base of the south western foundation of the bridge on the Buda side.

 On the River Danube looking towards Pest with The Castle behind us.

 The Castle in Budapest, the river Danube is behind us.  Hey! and guess what... there's another Tram! 

 Inside the Budapest Art Gallery.

 To the River Danube from the Art Gallery.
 Bullet holes in one of the back streets, left over from the 1956 Revolution.

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