Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Antwerpen to Dover - Belgium to England - 2.5.1970

We have no photos of ours to show but I did Grab a few from Google.  Above is our route from Antwerp.  We have no recollection of Brussels, I know we were over Museums, Cathedrals, pretty countrysides, cows and everything else, we had come to the end of our money, we'd only had 8 showers in 7 weeks, we were tired, hungry and ready to be welcomed into the home of our Pommy Family back in Guildford.  We were exhausted so it wasn't a good time to visit Brussels, we have no photos, no memories and no brochures so show.   I do remember that after we left Antwerp we drove back into The Netherlands because Diesel was cheaper than in Belgium and we made it back to the UK on that last fill in Holland.

 One of Today's photos from Google about to leave for Ramsgate, I notice that Ferry's no longer travel from Ostend to Dover as we did back in 1970, they only go to Ramsgate which is north of Dover.

 I know we aren't British but even to Aussies those wonderful White Cliffs of Dover stir something in our hearts :-)

As we were waiting in line to get through Customs we noticed a West German car ahead of us with the Registration number plate FU * CK 123, see example below.  The FU stood for the town of Furth, in Bavaria, the CK 123 were the registration numbers.  We chuckled and wondered how long it was before someone in Britain pointed out what their car was telling people... we would have loved to follow along behind :-)

 A ferry coming into Dover from the Cliffs above.

From Dover to Guildford and the home of our wonderful Pommy Family... the Waughs!

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