Thursday, January 5, 2012

Budapest to Vienna - 14.4.1970

 So we hurried out of Hungary, so as not to get into trouble by overstaying our 48 hours, and into Austria but were held up and given the third degree at the Hungary - Austrian border.

 David inspecting one of Siegfried Marcus (1831-1898) autos in the Techisches Museum, on Meiriahilfer Strasse. This is the Marcus Waggen built in 1888/9.

Below a better photo of this amazing vehicle.

 Aaaahhh... more trams, this time On the Rings Poernring/Kartner ring.

 Tabitha Taxi in Vienna, on left of this photo and below, the Underground Railway is under construction

 David has written - O.K. Restaurant, 61 Kartnerstrasse.  I wonder if it is still there?  Google Maps won't let me go in and see for myself unfortunately, since we went into Yugoslavia we haven't been able to find the same places as our photos, there are other peoples photos on Google Maps but not the streets.
From Budapest to Vienna.

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