Saturday, January 28, 2012

Windsor - England - 26.5.1970

A day trip to Windsor.  This is Staines.
A protest march in Staines, I have no what they were protesting about and I can't find anything on Wiki either.  That big word on the banner might say 'Student' so maybe it's students striking over something. I did find the below on Wiki so maybe they are striking over the Lino Factory closing.

Staines was the major producer of linoleum, a type of floor covering, after the formation of the Linoleum Manufacturing Company in 1864 by its inventor, Frederick Walton. Linoleum became the main industry of the town and was a major employer in the area up until the 1960s. In 1876 about 220 and in 1911 about 350 people worked in the plant. By 1957 it employed some 300 people and in 1956 the factory produced about 2675 m2 of linoleum each week. The term 'Staines Lino' became a worldwide name but the factory was closed around 1970 and is now the site of the Two Rivers shopping centre completed circa 2000. A bronze statue of two lino workers in Staines High Street commemorates the Staines Lino Factory. The Spelthorne Museum in Staines has a display dedicated to the Linoleum Manufacturing Company.

Cows in an English field this time :-)  we've had photos of Cows in several countries so far.

Windsor Railway station.

Windsor Railway station has been totally modernized since 1970, above and below are Grabs I took form Google Maps.