Friday, January 6, 2012

Vienna - Austria - 15.4.1970

 We met up with Sheila and Louis by accident, they just drove into the Vienna City campsite an hour or two after us.  David took this photo of us being highly amused by the chap off to the showers in his stripped robe.

 A Double Decker bus in the middle of Vienna just for David.

 It was fascinating watching a practice session at the Spanish Riding School, having lived on a Sheep Station in Australia where riding horses was a means of getting from point A to point B rounding up sheep as you went... to see these beautiful animals doing their routines ... was indeed different.

This photo got caught by the light but I had to put it in because of that lovely little Morris Minor Woody in the middle of the photo, I had one of these when we lived in England in the late 1970's and I loved her.

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