Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guildford - Tabitha Taxi sails to Australia - May 1970

 Farewell to our beloved Tabitha Taxi IV, she is sailing to Australia, on her own, David and I are continuing our travels and we won't see Tabitha for another seven months.  You can see the trunk on her luggage rack it's packed solid with bits and pieces as is a second trunk inside. 

 Also... please note... I've cut my hair!  Yikes!  I've had long hair more than 10 years but the last 7 weeks without regular showers drove me crazy so off it came, all in one go!    This is our Pommy Mum, (A title she wore proudly)  Elsie Waugh saying good bye to Tabitha with me.

 David drove Tabitha down to Southampton Docks for her last glimpse of England before boarding the 'S.S. Orcades' on her big trip Down Under.

Southampton Station waiting for the train back to Guildford.

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