Thursday, January 12, 2012

Koblenz to Cologne - West Germany - 25.4.1070

 The Rhine at Koblenz.

A Castle in the distance and a train closer up, (surprise, surprise, must have been David taking the photo this time)  en route north along the Rhine from Koblenz to Cologne.
David has written our fuel record on the back of this page, it says...
'... up until 2nd Speedo cable break (time to get back!)
Itinerary miles:  3,649
Miles to cable break:  3,760       Total 111.2 Gallons =  33.3 miles per Gallon'
(In metric measurements:    6,016.3 Kilometres  = 505.96 litres  = 11.89 Kms per Litres.)

We were heading out of  West Germany as fast as we could, we didn't take many photographs unfortunately, only 11 in one week which is sad, we weren't comfortable at all and we do get tired touring all that time and in a postcard I see that we'd only managed to get 8 showers in 7 weeks, not much fun but it was Winter so I guess it wasn't as bad as it would have been in the heat of summer in Australia :-)

We've never been back to this part of, the now combined Germany, maybe we should it looks such a beautiful country.

Beyreuth to Koblenz to Cologne and heading to Amsterdam in the Netherlands

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