Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bayreuth - West Germany - 24.4.1970

 We met up with Doug and Frankie in Bayreuth, (we'd met them in Venice) who were American Teachers working at the US Military Base in Bayreuth.  Doug made us some ice cream using a hand turned ice cream maker and lots of ice and lots of salt.  We'd never seen anything like this and their recipe of cream, creme de menthe, chocolate chips and marshmallows was something I've never forgotten and I've sort of copied over the years using an ordinary tub of vanilla ice cream, peppermint essence, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows    :-)  Delicious!

 Kennedy - Allee Frankfurt A.M.  (Wolfgang Zimmerman't Place)

 Nuremberg to Beyreuth.  Unfortunately Google Maps haven't done Street Scenes in all of Germany, none here in Beyreuth.

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