Saturday, January 21, 2012

Postcards - Leiden, The Netherlands - 28.4.1970

Leiden, Rapenburg . Universiteitsbiblio theek

Dr M. E. Griffiths, Deakin. A.C.T. 2600          28.4.1970

Hello Dad,

     I thought you'd be reminded of your visit years ago - no doubt the old town is much the same but all around the multi-storey flats are going up.  We took a lovely drive today, from just out of Amsterdam to Zuyderzee down to Leiden via Alkmaar, Harlem and the tulip fields, just beginning to look themselves after a late winter.  Tonight near Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels tomorrow. 

     Love P. & D.

Same bridge, buildings and white handle on left, today from Googlemaps.

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