Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Postcards - Holland in Bloementooi - 27.4.1970

Hoorn, Holland - Monday 27th April 1970
Mrs M. E. Griffiths, Deakin. ACT

Happy day Mum,
     I'm sorry this is such a minimal greeting and not even on time - the date only hit me today, mostly we hardly know what day it is on the road.  Holland is lovely, we spent yesterday and today in Amsterdan, drove out here this evening to a spot on the sea dyke north of Amsterdam.  It is so true to type, canals and chain lift bridges (c.f. Van Gough's painting: we saw a huge collection of his in gallery today) Friesian cows, green green grass.  Tomorrow we go way north to see a huge 30km long bridge/embankment thing across the mouth of a bay, then down to Leyden, where I remember Dad went, so we'll send him a card there.
     Thence Brussels, Bruges, Ostende and Dover on Saturday. 

     Happy Birthday, Love Pen & Dave xx

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