Monday, January 30, 2012

Windsor - Town - 26.5.1970

I couldn't find this same spot on Googlemaps today.
P.S. But Crystal did!  Crystal lives in England and found this London Taxi Blog of mine because she was searching the w.w.w. for anything relating to 'Wollogorang' the sheep station where David and I met (see on right hand side)  Crystal also lived and worked at 'Wollogorang' in the early 60's, it's an amazing thing this Internetty thing isn't it!  Thanks Crystal :-)

 The reason I couldn't find it was probably because the old building on the left has been demolished and replaced by a modern one and the trees have grown of course.  This old building is Burford House.

A couple of lads from Eton College and same spot from Googlemaps below.

On the Thames at Windsor.
Same bridge on Googlemaps as the photo above, I couldn't get to the same spot though.

I couldn't find this spot either....

P.S. Another spot Crystal found for me, she said she'd been to Windsor just recently and recognized the streets...  The sign on this building now says Sir Christopher Wren's House...  Thanks Crystal :-)

But I did find this old Butchers Shop above.   As you can see it's no longer a Butchers but a nice looking Cafe instead.

In Eton College below.

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