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Hungary - Palic, Serbia to Szeged, Hungary - 11.4.1970

 Going through the border from Yugoslavia to Hungary.  Customs allowed us 48 hours in Hungary, it isn't on our Bank of NSW Itinerary so we must have decided to see Hungary instead of going to Vienna via Zagreb and Ljubljana., which is on our Itinerary.   I'm glad we did, we both loved Hungary.

 The Village of Szeged.

 Cobbled streets and a tram for David.

 Hungarian State Railways, Steam on the outskirts of Budapest.

 Aquincum and below the leaflet I'm reading above!

Above and below - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Aquincum site, Budapest, location of he city within the Roman Empire.
The ancient city of Aquincum was situated on the North-Eastern borders of the Pannonia province within the Roman Empire. The ruins of the city can be found today in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.  It is believed that Marcus Aurelius may have written at least part of his book Meditations  at Aquincum.
Originally settled by the Eravisci,  a Celtic tribe, Aquincum served as a military base, having been part of the Roman border protection system called 'limes'. . Around AD 41-54, a 500-strong cavalry unit arrived, and a Roman Legion of 6000 men was stationed here by AD 89. The city gradually grew around the fortress, and after Pannonia was reorganized by the Romans in AD 106, Aquincum became the capital city of Pannonia Inferior.  The city had around 30,000 to 40,000 inhabitants by the end of the 2nd century, and covered a significant part of the area today known as the Ovuda district within Budapest. Ruins from the old Roman settlement can be seen in other parts of Budapest as well, notably Contra-Aquincum and the Amphitheater.
People living in the settlement could enjoy the achievements of the Empire, like central heating in the houses, public baths, a Mirhreaum and palaces, as well as ampitheatres for gladiatorial combats and beast fights.
Many historic artifacts from the city now appear in the Aquincum Museum.

From Belgrade to Hungary.

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