Monday, January 9, 2012

Berchtesgaden, West Gemany - 20.4.1970

 Just over the border from Austria en route to Berchtesgaden.  Almost the first minute we drove into Germany we were rudely abused on the Autobahn.   Trucks tried to run us off the road, cars beeped rudely... it was a shock that's for sure.

Were they like this because we were driving a London Taxi and they thought us British?  We had the AUS sticker on the back and the white Kangaroo on the side, maybe they didn't like Aussies.

Was it because we were too slow?  Maybe the latter we thought but we were keeping up with the limit, not racing way over like they were.

We never met a friendly German the whole time we were here, not like in every other European country we'd been in where locals waved, willingly helped us, offered us advice and willingly gave us a smile.  Anyway we tried to stay off the main roads but that was difficult.

I wonder what it's like now are the Germans kinder to their tourists I wonder?

 Berchtesgaden, Hitlers Adlerei Eagles Nest in the nearby mountains.

 Tyrolean Sunday best!

 Above Berchtesgaden looking towards Reichenahll and Munich.

 Camping spot, off the road from Berchtesgaden to Munich.

Salzburg, Austria to Berchtesgaden, West Germany.

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