Monday, February 6, 2012

Copenhagen - Denmark - 29.5.1970

From my hand written notes:

We arrived at Copenhagen Rail Station at 7am, caught bus #2 to the Youth Hostel Association.  Left luggage there and had breakfast for 5 Krona each (not very good).  Went to North of Town to see the Mermaid.  Back to Centre, had lunch in a Store then to Copenhagen by Museum - not very interesting, then to the Tivoli, back to Youth Hostel, met some Australians, had revolting dinner for 6.50 Krona each.  Hot showers and slept well. 

I don't sound very impressed with Copenhagen do I, what a shame, maybe we were just tired and crabby.

 Look at that fantastic Kastellet, it's now an Army Barracks but open to the public, I don't remember it at all even though we were just there... see top middle, slightly right... where the Little Mermaid sits.

 The Tivoli Gardens are absolutely wonderful, they are free to enter and wander around but if you want to spend some money on rides or restaurants you can do that as well.  They are open way into the evening and the lights were a real spectacular sight.  We returned often to these Tivoli Gardens.
 I can't remember any other Park or Gardens in any other country that are as beautiful or as fun as the Tivoli Gardens.

I guess we were woken at 2am (see above) as the train crossed water, on a ferry of some sort I suppose.

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