Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Leningrad - 9.6.1970

S.M.Kirov Stadium, Leningrad. U.S.S.R.    (now called St Petersburg as it was before the revolution)

Hotel Europe, Lenningrad. U.S.S.R.    9.6.1970.

To:  The Rodds, Crescent Road, Newport. NSW  2106.  Australia.

Dear All,

Russia has been pretty good so far.  Hotel is good and comfortable and food edible.

It's Lenin year and everywhere there are photos of him and you can buy badges to pin on yourself with Lenin on them.

Spent our second Wedding Anniversary at the fantastic Circus from Moscow, really first class best I've ever seen better than Australia could produce I'm sure.

We've met lots of Americans and lots of Australians.  Ice Cream here is terrific, called Morazlenoye* and it comes in no less than 36 flavours, Jam and the rest.

Love P & D.

*  What I was trying to write was мороженое.

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