Monday, February 27, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Khabarousk, U.S.R. - 21.6.1970

State Lenin Library, Moscow.

To:  Mr Peter Jones, 168 Mica Street, Broken Hill.  N.S.W. 2880.  Australia.

Dear Pete,

Trip going along very smoothly so far.  Denmark and Sweden lovely and expensive.  East Berlin a hole, never to be revisited.  Poland beaut, wish we had more time there.  U.S.S.R. very interesting the people are very friendly generous and patient with us over the language.

Unbelievable hot weather and long hours of sunshine.  We've had caviar and champagne (2 bottles) danced and sun baked.

The Trans-Siberia was very comfortable, food good, the other passengers were all Russians except 4 of us, terrific people we collected a lot of small gifts when we left.  Photography is a bit dicey you never know if you should or shouldn't take this or that.  Japan on 24th.

Love David and Pennie XX

(Here is another postcard that we'd sent to our friend Peter Jones, we lost touch with him about 30 years ago, we think he joined the Hare Krishna...  I wish we could find him now and thank him for giving us back the postcards we sent him. )

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