Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweden - Helsingborg - 30.5.1970

Up at 9am caught buses to outside Copenhagen then hitch hiked to Helsingor, caught ferry to Helsingborg, Sweden.  Looked around a bit walked to Youth Hostel at Thalassa about 4 kilometers.  Super Youth Hostel, clean and new all in wood.  Had to walk right back to town to get dinner which cost 60c each and was only a small hamburger, Sweden is so expensive.  Walked back to Youth Hostel had hot shower and talked to two Canadian girls and a Finnish girl.  Slept very well.  Estimate we've walked at least 10 miles today, no wonder my feet ache.

 Helsingor in Denmark.

 Helsingborg in Sweden.

 Thalassa Hostel.


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