Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Postcards sent by us to our Family in Australia - Little Mermaid, Copenhagen - May 1970.

Halsingborg, Sweden 31.5.1970

To:  The Rodds, Crescent Road, Newport 2106.  NSW Australia.

Dear All,
We can't afford to buy a card or stamp here so I'll have to post it in Denmark. (Note, Sweden postage must have cost more than Danish!)  We love Scandinavia but it's expensive.  Sweden is worse than Denmark, we had a very small hamburger for dinner in the cheapest place tonight and it cost 60c (Aust) everything is at least 3 times as much than at home.  Everyone speaks English and are all helpful.  Today we hitched from Copenhagen to Sweden, not counting the 10 min ferry ride which cost 60c return, but we reckon we've walked 10 miles today to avoid paying 20c bus fares etc.  The Youth Hostels are the best we've seen and everything so clean.  Will write and fill you in on everything later when we can afford the postage.  Love Pennie and David.

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