Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postcards sent by us to our Family in Australia - Copenhagen - 1.6.1970

Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen.

To: Mrs M E Griffiths, Dominion Circuit, Deakin.  ACT. Australia - 1.6.1970

Dear Mum and Dad,

     Going very well, beaut boat from U.K., spent a day in Esbjerg took midnight train to Copenhagen.  Using a lot of shoe leather getting about to see everything but it's a lovely place, nice weather, very friendly people.  Saturday and Sunday we hitched, took a ferry and walked on Swedish soil, spent a night in Halsingborg Hostel and hitched 'home' I mean back to Copenhagen with a young Dane and his English mate, they asked us in for a drink and a meal.  Very hospitable.  Love David.

Above  From Google Maps.

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