Friday, February 17, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Warsaw - 5.6.1970

Warszawa - Plac Konstyucji.

To: Lt Col & Mrs R.C. Rodd, Crescent Road, Newport. NSW 2106.  Australia.

Dear All,

It's good to be in a cheaper country at last but of course the quality isn't there.

Sorry we didn't send you a card from East Berlin, it just slipped my mind, the whole place gave me the creeps.  We took a photo of the Wall near Check Point Charlie and a few minutes later after us came two German Soldiers.  Passports checked etc, they very kindly didn't take the film but gave us fare warning.

Everyone seemed unhappy and they weren't very helpful.

The Hotel Grand here in Warsaw is very.  Our own bathroom and toilet.  Tomorrow off to Russia at 6:45am it's not far we arrive about 10am then to Leningrad, another 20 hours away.

Love to everyone, (Including Tabitha when and if she makes it.)  Pennie and Dave.
P.S.  Our hotel roughly in centre of picture, out of sight behind the other buildings.

 Same three lamp posts from Googlemaps

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