Friday, February 10, 2012

Denmark - Copenhagen - 1.6.1970

From my Notes:

Have breakfast of rolls and 1 litre of milk in shop.  Walk around Palace then National Gallery.  At 11am we go to the Tourist Office to arrange a visit to some Danes,* we are to meet Mr and Mrs Kurt Larsen at 7:30 pm.

Shop at Supermarket K9 for lunch and breakfast.  Walk to Royal Danish Arsnel, very impressive, have Polser** for dinner then wait in Railway Station from 4pm till it's time to meet  the Larsens.

Catch bus to Larsens and spend very pleasant three hours in their home, they feed us buns and cake and piles of coffee, schnapps and beer.  Catch bus back to Youth Hostel and just make curfew at 11pm.

*  The Youth Hostel had a message board which told us local Danish people welcomed travellers to their homes for a chat, how delightful is that!

** Hot Dogs, see below from Google. I just converted, they are still very cheap at about $4 Australian although I have no idea how much a Hot Dog from a street stand would cost in Sydney.

 Amalienborg Palace from Google Maps and below from Wiki with the Opera House across he water.

 Danish National Gallery.

Royal Danish Arsenal Museum.     Gosh I've enjoyed my Googling around Denmark today, such a pretty country with some beautiful buildings and so clean.  This is another country we must go back to one day.

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