Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Denmark - Copenhagen - 3.6.1970

From my Notes:-

Leave luggage at Railway Station, catch bus to Tuborg, very good tour, three bottles of beer, nice guide Mr Neilson.  Walk half way back to town, fall asleep in park all afternoon, walk back to Railway Station, eat, go to Tivoli see all the lights and a Concert.

Go to bank at Railway Station to buy East German Marks, Polish Zloty, Russian Rouble.  Bank girl says they don't exchange but she had some East German Marks and some Polish Zloty under the counter.
We get 40 marks to the US$1, the Official Exchange rate in East Berlin at the time was 4 Marks for $US1
We got 100 Zloty to the US$1, the Offfic1al Exchange rate was about the same as East Berlin. (we can't remember exactly)
She had no Russian Rouble, no banks had Russian Roubles.

Catch train at 10:45p.m. for East Berlin.

Not much sleep, woken and taken to another carriage to check passports, tickets, and Visa for East Germany, had to get off train and onto boat then off boat and onto train in East Germany.

 Tuborg factory, which is also the Carlesburg Factory, maybe they bought each other out.

 Railway Station Copenhagen, right next to the Tivoli Gardens below.

 A couple of pages from one booklet we kept called 'Travelling by Rail' in the DGR.

 From Copenhagen in Denmark to East Berlin in the German Democratic Republic.

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