Saturday, February 18, 2012

Postcards sent by us - Warsaw - 5.6.1970

Warszwa - Lazienki - Plac Na Wyspie, Swiatynia
Sybilli, pomnik Fryderyka Chopina, Belweder

To - Dr & Mrs M. E. Griffiths, Dominion Circuit, Deakin. ACT 2600. Australia.

Grand Hotel (Yes!!) Kruxza 28, Friday 5th June, 1970

Hi Folks - Going fine - two overnight train trips, from Denmark to East Berlin then Berlin - Warsaw have tired us a bit - but the hotel is a good one, super beds, bath and toilet included, phone, everything for a sum of $US5 each!

Warsaw fairly grim but very interesting, lots of people about, some decent shops, luxuries dear as poison.   Lots of Police etc and our border crossings are full of form-filling, passport checks, but no hitches so far.

The currency market is a racket - most of the Iron Curtain official rates are absurd so a black market flourishes - they accost us in the streets in Warsaw offering fantastic rates of Zlotys (Polish money) to the $US.  One day in Berlin East, very delapidated but fascinating.  Today Warsaw.  Sunday arrive Leningrad.

 Love Dave and Pennie  XXX
 Lazienki Palace
 Chopin Statue.

All three above from Googlemaps.

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