Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweden - Helsingborg - 31.5.1970

Slept till ten to ten then walked down to town, bought a cake and an ice cream with what we had left of our Swedish money and that cost 50c.  You can see Denmark very well it's not very far away.  Catch Ferry back to Helsingor at 11:30am, hitch for 2 hours before we get a small lift then pick up one straight away from an English fellow called Phillip and Danish Joachim, they take us to Joachim's flat for drinks which they pour in two's,* then we stay for dinner, very hospitable.  Back to Copenhagen Youth Hostel at 8:30pm.

I remember Philip asked if I could make a pudding, I said I could but he wanted a real English Pudding and I was not good at those... I know I struggled and made something which they liked but it wasn't much fun.
* I'm not sure what the drinks were because I wouldn't have had any but I remember David enjoying himself :-)

 Part of the road we hitched back to Copenhagen.

The Youth Hostel in central Copenhagen.

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