Tuesday, February 21, 2012

U.S.S.R. - Leningrad - 8.6.1970

From my Notes:

Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Went to old Fort, walked around, had lunch then rowed around it.  Caught long tram ride to other side of town then bought some dinner and took it back to Hotel to eat.
Went to Moscow Circus, fantastic acts, lions, dogs, horses etc. 
Ice cream very popular and delicious 36 flavours.  Clothes very expensive $20 for a Nylon Shirt, not a choice in shops if they have anything to sell, that's the only style they have.  People mostly in cotton, it's slightly cheaper than Nylon.  Persian rugs on our Hotel floor.  Good steak dinner for 1 Voucher - 1 Rouble.

 We caught the Underground Train in Leningrad and what a shock it was, never seen anything this beautiful used as a train station before, puts Sydney and London to shame :-)

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