Thursday, February 23, 2012

U.S.S.R. - Leningrad - 9.6.1970

From my Notes:

Walk up Nevsky Prospect the main street, buy gift for Mama (my Grandmother)
Visit the Hermitage, a beautiful old Palace with priceless paintings in it.
Meet Ken Glazier Jr., he is staying at our Hotel and has given his address in California.
Lunch at Hermitage, walk to St Isaccs Cathedral, climb to top but not allowed to take photos.*
Very hot, sun has shone non stop for a week, everyone is out sunning themselves** Got to see the movie 'A Man and Woman' but not on so sell our tickets to a young chap Sasha and his girlfriend, walk and talk with them for a while.
Go to Ice cream parlour have Jam, Caramel and Cashew Nut flavours.

* This wasn't the first time we'd been stopped from taking photos and it wasn't the last... I wonder if this is why our photos went missing???
**  We saw rather large women stripped to their underwear and standing up against brick walls along the river, they were just trying to get a suntan.

 The Hermitage from Google and inside the Hermitage below.

... and St Isaccs Cathedral below.

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