Thursday, February 2, 2012

London to Harwich - 27.5.1970

Farewell at the Waugh's - Paul,  Rupert, Elsie and Aunty Nellie (Nellie was Rupert's sister, she didn't have a home, she moved from relative to relative for one month at a time, we saw her often, it was Auntie Nellie who was the first Waugh to greet David after he arrived in England in late 1967, she actually lent him, a stranger to her, £20 so he could get to London to get some money out of the Bank of N.S.W., she was a lovely lady who was constantly darning socks, turning collars, mending clothes or knitting for each of the families she stayed with.)  (David thought I should darn his socks and turn his collars... HUH!  I soon put him right  LOL)

Our last day in London.

Green Park, same spot and building in background today from Googlemaps, I think the Underground is getting a makeover.

Boarding the train to Harwich to catch the boat to Denmark.

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