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Denmark - the start of seven months of travelling through Northern Europe, the USSR, Japan and on to the United States of America - 28th May 1970

We left Guildford at 10am for London and straight to Australian Travel for our tickets, then to the Bank of N.S.W. for some American $'s, we left Liverpool Station for Harwich at 4:15pm and departed Harwich on board the Danish ship called the 'England' at 6pm on Wednesday 27th of May 1970...  so my notes say... the ship had beautiful decor of real wood and very comfortable chairs and feather covers on our beds (our first introduction and the start of our love affair with Duvets!)   We had clean showers, good if expensive food of open sandwiches which I've noted were a 'work of art!' We slept well, had hot showers in the morning and I didn't get seasick... a great start to our next adventure.
After we'd had our luggage stolen in Milan earlier in the year we decided to take out Insurance at the cost of £1.11.6.

The next six weeks of travel are going to be tricky for me to document because although I have a few notes we have no photographs.  We took many many photos but when we got to America we sent them away to be developed and they never came back, David's Uncle Keith tried for more than a year to find out what had happened to them but to no avail.  We wonder if they were kept by the CIA, or the FBI or even the KGB because they were photos of East Germany, Poland and the USSR taken during the Cold War between the US and the USSR but maybe that's just fanciful thinking.

I did debate about continuing along with this Blog after we'd sent Tabitha Taxi back to Australia but if I don't try and document this part of the trip my children and my readers will have a big gap in our story so I'm going to do my best to remember our journey with the help from my notes and my best friends Wiki & Googlemaps.

 Harwich today and below Esbjerg today from Googlemaps... not pretty photos are they :-)
 Torvet in Esjberg below.

Still very low on cash and a long way to go on what we had... we had this brilliant plan of travelling by night and arriving in daylight so we could  spend our daylight hours in the cities we visited and catch up on our sleep while travelling... hence a saving of accommodation fees! Without Tabitha to sleep in we needed to come up with some idea... all went well on our first night.

So we arrived in Esbjerg, Denmark at 12 midday on Thursday 28th of May and I will quote from my notes...
Lovely day to arrive, catch train to main Railway then lock luggage away and walk about town.  Buy 2 beers @ $1.59 each, 2 tomatoes @ 80c, small loaf of bread @ $1.59, Sardines $1.10 for our lunch at Droob Supermarket, and eat it in park. Total cost $5.08 (This was expensive compared to some of the cheaper countries we'd been in.)

In the evening we walk down main street and buy Hot Dogs with crunchy onion from a street stand and two pastries from a machine for our dinner, everything closed so we sat at the Railway Station till 12:25am and caught train for Copenhagen, had to change trains at about 2am so we didn't get much sleep.  Arrived 7am on the 29th May.   (So only our second night of sleeping on this trip and we're already found our brilliant idea was causing us a bit of trouble)

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