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U.S.S.R - Khabarousk 19.6.1970 - 22.6.1970

From my Notes:
Friday 19th June 1970.

Arrive Khabarousk 11:51pm.  Picked up by Intourist Guide, whisked to Hotel Aurmor, bath and wash clothes.  Bed at 2am.

From my Notes:
Saturday 20th June 1970.

Up early to take our tour at 10am in a Taxi with a young girl, she just drives around a bit, shows us the river and that's all.

It's terribly hot, we buy an abacus* and a pair of decent shoes for 26 Roubles.

Lunch, we wait for 1 1/2 hours and I get nothing.

Dinner we are taken in by Doc (one of the American's travelling in First Class on our train from Moscow) we have two bottles of Champagne and a big eat up in Hotel Restaurant, with a pretty good Russian band,** we three are the only English speaking.

From my Notes:
Sunday 21st June 1970.

Not too well*** so David goes to Museum etc.  Have to catch bus to Station at 5pm we loose the US Biggott fellow thank goodness.

Leave Khabarousk 6:25pm.

Train a little better than last if possible, cleaner and not many people on board.  We go very close to Chinese border but of course it's dark as all the trains going this way go at night but I do snap a photo before too late of what I thought was the border.

From my Notes:
Monday 22nd June 1970.

Arrive Nakhodka 9:15am.
Mike and Jean Coulter a British couple going to Hong Kong, spent the night taking photos out the window, in the dark.  Customs Hellish... go through absolutely everything but didn't find our Russian money and we are hiding a US$20 bill as well.

Leave Nakhodka 12 Noon, on M.S. Galikal.  Food very very good and plenty of it, lost Doc at Nakhodka.

*  We still have that abacus but not the shoes :-)

**  We had to leave after enjoying a bit of a dance because one woman really really took a liking to me, she was dancing with some fellow but preferred to wobble her boobs and bottom at me.  David and I left after trying to get rid of her for about 30 mins.  Her partner was getting angrier and angrier.

*** Not surprising if I drank Champagne, alcohol isn't my thing :-)

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