Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poland - Warsaw - 5.6.1970

From my notes:

Arrive Warsaw 6:19am.  Go to Hotel Grand but can't check in till 12 midday, walk around.  Several people in the streets ask us to change US$ for Zloty's.  The Official in Poland is 23 Zloty to the US$1.  One man gave us 100 Zloty for one US Dollar!
Have nice Hotel Shower and go out after 2p.m. buy little bag for Meredith, (my sister) Eat well because the Hotel gives us vouchers for 200 Zloty.
Sleep well in our own room with our own bath!
Fascinating to see the Hotel has the 'Times' a couple of days late but it's good to catch up.
There is a swimming pool in the basement.
People all very nice and helpful.
 I would need three Zloty to buy one American Dollar today!  

I believe this could be our Hotel, it's called the Mecure Grand Hotel now but it's near the railway station which our Grand Hotel was.

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